Benefits of Using Clay Curd Pot

Benefits of Using Clay Curd Pot

A clay curd pot, also known as a matka, is a traditional container made of clay that is commonly used in India and other parts of South Asia to store and ferment dairy products such as curd, buttermilk. The pot is typically unglazed and porous, allowing air and moisture to circulate, which helps to maintain a cool and humid environment inside. This makes it ideal for preserving the freshness and nutritional value of the dairy products stored in it. The use of clay pots for storing and fermenting food dates back centuries and is still popular in many parts of the world due to its numerous benefits. In addition to being eco-friendly and sustainable, clay pots are believed to enhance the taste and health benefits of the food stored in them.

Benefits of Clay curd pots:

  • Natural cooling: Clay curd pots have natural cooling properties, which helps to keep the contents inside cool even in hot weather. This natural cooling is due to the porous nature of the clay, which allows air and moisture to circulate, creating a natural evaporative cooling effect.
  • Retention of nutrients: Clay curd pots help to retain the nutritional value of the food stored in them. The porous nature of the clay allows the food to breathe, which helps to preserve its nutrients and flavor.
  • Enhanced taste: Foods stored in clay curd pots have a unique flavor and taste that is different from food stored in other types of containers. This is because the clay imparts its own flavor to the food, enhancing its taste and aroma.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable: Clay curd pots are made from natural materials and are therefore eco-friendly and sustainable. They are biodegradable and do not have a negative impact on the environment.
  • Non-toxic: Clay curd pots are free from harmful chemicals and toxins, making them a safe and healthy option for storing food. Unlike plastic containers, they do not leach chemicals into the food, ensuring that the food remains safe and healthy for consumption.
  • Cost-effective: Clay curd pots are affordable and cost-effective, making them accessible to everyone. They are also durable and long-lasting, making them a good investment in the long run.


  1. Rinse the pot thoroughly with water and scrub it with a soft brush.
  2. Fill the pot with water and let it soak overnight. This helps to hydrate the clay and prepare it for seasoning.
  3. Empty the water from the pot and let it air dry completely.


  • Clean and season the pot thoroughly before using it for the first time
  • Clean it after each use. Use soft brush to scrub the pot.
  • Use the pot only for storing and fermenting dairy products such as curd, buttermilk.


  • Don't use the pot for storing or fermenting any other type of food or liquid, as the clay can absorb flavours and odours.
  • Don't use harsh detergents or abrasive cleaners to clean the pot
  • Don't expose the pot to direct sunlight or heat sources
  • Don't store the pot with the lid on, as this can trap moisture inside and cause the dairy products to spoil.
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