Do You Know How To Make Batter by Use Attukal?

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Eco-friendly Drinkware

Handmade unglazed terracotta clay drinkware collections keep water naturally cool and add natural elements to your home.  
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Traditional Kitchen Tools

Durably crafted and made to last, our authentic handmade black stone tools add value to your kitchen.
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Wide range of clay cookware collections for your modern kitchen!
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Terracotta Gardening

This is awesome! You’ve decided you want to broaden your gardening knowledge and are looking for the right places to become a garden expert.
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Handmade Home Decor

Your home is your temple; you should treat it like so. Cultivate the energy in your home with art and decor that inspires and uplift

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Classic Tableware

Each of our products masters the art of handmade imperfection. Every creation is an expression of love for the environment!
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  • Love it!

    "I seasoned it a couple times before using it. Tonight I baked Cornish game hens in it. It was delicious. We couldn't get enough. Usually we can only eat half of one each. Tonight we ate all of it. It had the best taste ever. My bf loves the pot too. I'm excited to try other recipes as well. I love it! ❤"

    TheHomesteadingPrepper Reviewed in the United States on June 15, 2022

  • Heavy,small and does the job

    "My mother wanted this for long time now and I was sceptical whether it would do the same job as those big ammikal’s and also all these negative reviews about the quality etc , after purchase all the doubts we’re cleared, it’s heavy and also the quality is good. Requires some finishing, which will okie after a couple of usages."

    Salvin Reviewed in India on 21 June 2022

  • This is brilliant

    "The water cools in 30-40 minutes if you place the jug under the fan. This is a lot faster than traditional clay pots. Also since it’s in jug shape, it is very convenient. The perfect drinking temperature water. I was worried the handle would come off but it has worked really well till now."

    asitis Reviewed in India on 21 May 2022

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