• Cookware

    1. It's glazed or unglazed cooking pot?

    Unglazed, No artifical coating or any chemicals 100% natual clay cooking pots.

    2. How to season clay cooking pot?

    Soak the clay cooking pot for 24hrs in water.
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    3. Can you put clay pots in the dishwasher?

    Hand wash recommended, Clay pots are very easy to clean and maintain.

    4. Why do clay cooking pots crack?

    Sudden rise or fall of the temperature can cause an earthen pot to crack. Example, If taking out of the fridge, let it come to room temperature before putting it on the stove for reheating and vice-versa.

    5. Does this work on electric stove to cook ?

    No, Clay pots can be used to cook on Fire Wood, Gas stove and Oven.

    6. Can heat the milk in curd pot?

    No Curd pot cannot be used for cooking, It is just to be used to set curd only.

    7. Why Clay Pot become moldy on the outside?

    White Mold is the common nature of all clay pots so proper seasoning will overcome it, to clean the mold on the pot surface submerge the pot in water for about 24 hours then wipe with a cloth and dry it in sunlight.

    8. Do you have a lab certification of no lead no hazardous material in the clay?

    Yes, we do have lab certification for cookware and drinkware clay prodcuts and it's 100% lead free and toxin free.

    9. Is the pot coated/painted with any material

    No, 100% Earthen clay only we does not paint or coat or mix with any chemical or material.

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  • Kitchen Tools

    1. Is it Portable?

    Yes, Recommended to Fit in one area due to heavy weight.

    2. How to Season?

    Grind rice or rava for 3 times.

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    3. What is the stone used to make?

    Pure Black Stone

    4. Difference between polished and unpolished?

    Both are same in quality. Polished enhance the look, Colour and shine.

    5. Is it granite?


    6. Why we recommend black stone?

    It is heavy and hard but durable and after proper seasoning black stone doesn’t dissolve during grinding.

    7. Difference between Ammikal and Attukal


    To Powder dry masala, chutney for 2 to 3 members, Ginger & Garlic Paste for
    daily use.


    To prepare idly &  dosa batter, Vada batter and (Chutney, Thokku, Ginger & Garlic Paste) in large amount.

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